How to Find Travel Information on ETHNO TRAVELS Blog ?

Main pilgrims street in Saint Jean Pied de Port

How to find travel information on ETHNO TRAVELS Blog?

New on Ethno Travels ? Come and discover my advices to travel closer to the people, whether in the Basque Country or in Asia

Welcome to my blog!

Ethnographic travel in the service of peoples and cultures

Welcome to Ethno Travels Blog! I created this ethnographic travel blog to help you travel to the Basque Country and Asia like a local and safely. This page is here to help you find the travel information you need most right now.

To ensure that you enjoy your stay in the Basque Country or Asia as much as I do, while helping to respect and preserve local cultures


My mission

“You undertook the trip on a completely different plane and did an admirable job. There aren’t many from your tribe. All I can say is “may your tribe grow”. Vyjay Rao

How to find cheap flights. Click here and read the guide now

How to travel solo. Step by step guide for your first solo travel and more

The guide to the best travel accessories

Some ethnographic book ideas

How to prepare
your trip

My tips

the Basque Country

My best tips

The best Basque food. Read the full guide to the best basque food recipes + a few Basque recipe articles.

The full guide to the best Basque festivals. Find the list of 80+ traditional festivals for 2019-2020 + a few featured festivals.

Tour ideas. Click here to get ideas now

The full guide to Biarritz

The full guide to Saint Jean de Luz

The Treasures of Old Bayonne

The guide to hotels in Basque Country

Read Westie Jahan’s blog on hiking the Basque Pyrenees mountains and Gascony

Chhattisgarh travel guide, including all the articles about the state.

The temples of Tamil Nadu.

Wildlife sanctuary and backwaters in Kerala.

The Buddhist Oracle in Dirang.

The best places for solo trip in India

Travel information
about India

My tips

How to travel in China
without speaking chinese

My tips

Is backpacking China solo possible? My opinion and experience here

Is hiking China solo without speaking chinese possible? Read the guide to hiking Yangshuo

How to organise the cruise on Li River? Read the article here

Why you should not believe everything some paper guides say about China. Read my article on eating dog here.

A detailed Java itinerary. Discover the itinerary here

A complete guide to Bali

The Torajan culture on Sulawesi island. Read the article here

What to visit around Rantepao Toraja Sulawesi. Read the article here

the Indonesian islands

My tips

Asian health
and beauty tips

My discoveries

The Beginner’s guide to Ayurveda

The complete guide to amla, the Indian Ayurvedic gooseberry. Read the comprehensive guide here

The complete guide to ashwagandha, the Indian ginseng.

How to use Tiger balm. Read the guide here

How to use Navratna oil. Read the article here

16 easy hair masks tested. Read the tests here

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