Barbara Oakley Learning How to Learn Online Course Review

Wouldn’t it be fabulous if learning how to learn was possible? Don’t dream anymore and read my review of the online course on how to become a better learner, Learning How to Learn by Barbara Oakley. Because yes, you can learn how to learn!

Of course, this is not an online learning review. But I will also tell you why MOOCs are often better than traditional learning and which learning platform I love.

In this article, you will find:

  • What are the courses on how to learn.
  • Why you should choose Coursera course to learn to learn.
  • What it brought me for my business.
  • The course on how to learn to learn for youths.
  • Barbara Oakley’s books on learning strategies and where to get it.
  • Learning audiobooks.
Learning how to learn online course review

Learning how to learn courses.

You can find a lot of courses about learning styles and learning strategies. You can even learn how you learn. You can find traditional classes or online courses. Some are free, some are not. But they all required something: time.

So, do these courses worth your time? What is learning to learn and which benefits will it bring you?

Through my online review of my favourite learning MOOC, I will answer these questions.

Coursera learning how to learn MOOC review.

This MOOC is mostly animated by Dr. Barbara Oakley. Dr Barbara Oakley, or Barb, is a Professor of Engineering at Oakland University in Rochester, Michigan. Her work focuses on the complex relationship between neuroscience and social behavior.

She has written several books and leads “Learning How to Learn,” the world’s most popular massive open online course.

What is learning to learn?

In the MOOC, you will learn:

  • the differences between the focused and diffuse modes of thinking and how to use the two modes to learn faster and better.
  • the vertues of sleeping, relaxation and exercising for your brain and how to take advantage of it.
  • you will learn the incredible pomodoro method to fight against procrastination.
  • the right learning strategies.

What I liked the most in this MOOC?

There is a ton of things I enjoyed in this course.

  • Although it’s a 4 weeks long course, I was able to learn this course + its twin course “Mindshift” + the first MOOC of the SEO specialization in 10 days only! They all are 4 weeks courses. That’s right, I’m a crazy learner but the tips I’ve learned from Barb helped me to remember everything, being more organized and working faster.
  • Barb is an incredible teacher. Not only she’s an expert but she’s also very funny. She makes learning a very easy process, using all the methods she teaches in the course to help us remembering.
  • Using the pomodoro method and the tips throughout the course, I now work more and better. I’m simply better organized.
  • That sounds crazy but I’m now doing 4 specializations at the same time (SEO, social media marketing, photography, business English). I do it in English, that is not my native language.
  • I choose these 4 specializations according to my business goals, that helps me to keep motivated. I exactly know why I do it!

Why you should learn how to learn?

Let’s be honest: first, school doesn’t teach us how to learn. Second, some teachers are very bad in teaching.

My younger sister and I have always been lucky to be good students. But while my sister was able to remember everything quickly, I needed to repeat and repeat again and again.

If I had learned how to learn when I was young, I would have been a better learner at school and University, and earned a precious time.

My new daily routine.

I work from home, but as I’m a very motivated and persistent worker, it doesn’t really impact my working time. Nevertheless, thanks to the course, I now have a daily routine. This is how is one of my new typical working day:

  • I switch on the computer (takes a long time to be available with Linux but stabler) then prepare my breakfast.
  • I directly go to the Coursera page of the course I’ve planned to work on first. I open it in a new window to ensure I won’t be distracted by other stuffs. I also open the related Google Drive folder. I begin rereading my previous notes.
  • I have my breakfast, working on the course. As I have no problem to keep concentrated for much more than 25mns, I do a pomodoro session generally until I’ve finished one week of the course. If there’s a peer assignment at the end of the week, it takes longer so I keep it for the next day. It’s also a good way to ensure I’ve really learned the content of the previous day. It validates that it’s not… “just an illusion” ouh ouh ouh oh wow oh… Completing a one-week course generally takes me about 2 hours depending on the topic.
  • I take my shower and prepare myself. Yes, you can find me wearing my sleeping clothes until mid-morning. But is it a problem?
  • I check my emails, social medias, etc. and answer clients and business partners first.
  • I relax a bit, turning crazy playing, dancing, singing with my westie dog Jahan, doing a Calm meditation session (daily calm generally). Yes, who said leaders had to be always serious?
  • I work on another course and so on until 9pm when I switch off the computer, phone and watch TV.
  • Throughout the day, I also include a reading session as a pomodoro or relaxation depending on how hard or easy to read the book is.
  • For lunch and dinner, I’m totally focused on my plate and relax with TV also.
  • A pomodoro session can be working on a blog article (keywords research or writing a few paragaphs or preparing the resources), on videos (scripts or recording or editing).
  • It makes me sure that I only work on business-related tasks.
  • A relaxation session can be working on a scene with my camera as it implies walking around with westie Jahan.
  • You can see how I focus on process not on final product like Barb taught me. At the end of the day, it makes me happy of what I have done and not feel guilty because of what I coul not finish.

Actually, my problem was not to work more but to work better. Before, I wasn’t satisfied until I had finished a task. That meant I was able to work for hours without stopping, going to bathroom, eating. I was also working very late. I was focusing onthe result.

With Barbara Oakley’s method, I know focus on the process. That means that I feel satisfied when I have finished a pomodoro session, even if it’s longer than 25 minutes and if I didn’t finished the whole task.

That also means that I won’t stay blocked on an article for days if I’m not totally inspired, as I switch to something else. My day is richer and there is less routine because I work on different things throughout the day.

Where do you find this how to learn MOOC?

The MOOC is available for free on Coursera. You only need to pay if you want a certificate. These official certificates can be directly added to your LinkedIn profile. You only need to complete the verification process using your identity card and showing your face to the camera!

>>> Click on this link to access the Course

The MOOC is also available in French, Spanish, Chinese and Portuguese. Even if you follow the English version, there’s a lot of subtitles including Tamil, Arabic, Greek, etc.

Note: I get commissions for purchases made through links in this post at no extra charge for you.

Learning how to learn for youth.

The course has a version for youths.

>>> Click on this link to access the children version

Barbara Oakley learning how to learn books.

Below you will find 3 of the best books on learning by Barbara Oakley.

Learning how to learn audiobooks.

The three books above also have an audio or CD version if you prefer.

Conclusion – How to become a better learner.

How to learn to learn faster is absolutely affordable to everyone. The free Coursera MOOC Learning How to Learn will give you all the learning strategies you need. With the pomodoro method, you will see that this knowledge is quickly accessible and you will save time in the future.

Have you ever follow a learning to learn class? What did you think of it? What were the best strategies you learned? Share it with us!

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Barbara Oakley Learning How to Learn Online Course Review

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