Best Travel Accessories You Absolutely Need – Buying Guides 2024

Welcome to my best travel accessories guide!

In this travel accessories buying guide, you will find an essential travel accessories list, other useful items, and above all, buying guides to help you make your choice.

Check back regularly for new recommendations.

For each chapter, you will find all the articles related to it and you’ll be able to create your own list of travel accessories you need.

I’ve decided not to distinguish travel accessories for women and travel accessories for men, as a lot of items are the same. Nevertheless, sometimes when it’s useful, you’ll find the women and men versions.

First you’ll find the travel accessories related to bags and storage, then safety, comfort and electronics.

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Travel backpack.

Here you’ll find my 2024 travel backpack buying guide, as well as the best bag according to gender, if you don’t have time to read the guide. In the guide, you will find not only the best bag according to its category, but also the items you need to look at to make your choice and a comparison chart.

Attention, at Deuter, you will find the Lite version of Air Contact, lighter… but less comfortable!

Best travel backpack reviews

How to choose the best travel backpack

Best women travel backpack

Best men travel backpack

Anti-theft bag.

Did you know that there are backpacks that can be used both as a travel backpack thanks to their large capacity and as an anti-theft bag thanks to their equipment? You will find below a guide to help you choose the best anti-theft bag. For those who don’t want to read it, you will then find the best anti-theft backpack for a trip and the one for the city.

Attention: you will find many bags stamped “anti-theft” on the European market that are not. To be truly anti-theft, the material must be cut resistant by knife or cutter.

Best anti theft backpacks review

How to choose your anti-theft bag

Citysafe backpack

Venturesafe backpack

Lightweight suitcases.

Below, I show you the best rated lighweight suitcase currently on the market and the best carry on suitcase. Both are equipped with a TSA lock, which avoids problems at the airport. Both are light.

Best Samsonite suitcase

Best Samsonite carry on suitcase

Travel organizer bag.

Also called suitcase or luggage packing cubes. If you are travelling with a suitcase and want to find your belongings neat and tidy and easily, nothing beats the travel organizer bag. This is a kit of several storage cubes: shoe bag, toiletries, linen…

Classic packing cubes

Compression packing cubes

Best packing cubes for backpacking.

Packing cubes exist also for backpacking. I am a huge fan of Deuter for the backpack but also for their awesome packing cubes.

Deuter packing cubes

Deuter wash center Lite II

Hanging toiletry organizer bag.

For your travel toiletries kit, I recommend a hanging one. You will find a women’s version, a men’s version and a child’s version below.

Best hanging toiletry bag for women

Best mens travel toiletry bag

Best Kids toiletry bag

Digital luggage scale.

A small electronic luggage scale is very light, does not take up much space, and is very handy for checking the weight of your bag. Sometimes you may have a doubt about the weight limit allowed by an airline. By weighing your bag as soon as it is ready, you will avoid having to take things out at the last minute to transfer them to another bag or having to throw them away!

Best digital luggage scale

What money belt to buy?

The travel money belt allows you to hide your money, passport, mobile phone, etc. under your clothes.

The one I recommend below is equipped with RFID to block the theft of your credit card and passport data.

Little anecdote: the belt is elastic, which is very practical. In Naples, I had the laziness to put my money belt under my clothes. Not only did I have my papers, my credit card, some of my money, but also my camera hanging on the belt. Two young people on scooters stormed off, pulled my camera and tried to steal it with the belt, except that it had a boomerang effect! The elastic band hurt my arm, but I kept all my stuff.

The best travel money belt

Travel purse.

In addition to a pouch to put under your clothes, I recommend a large travel purse. This purse will be useful to put your change and a few easily accessible bills to use… or to distract pickpockets from where you keep your valuables! Depending on where you are, you can store your mobile phone, digital camera, etc. in this bag. In fact, you can use it instead of a classic handbag. The ones below are RFID-enabled.

Travelon anti-theft bag

Travel crossbody bag

Travel document holder.

If you don’t want a bag, you can buy a travel document holder.

Travel document holder

rfid passport holder

TSA luggage locks.

TSA luggage locks allow customs to inspect the contents of your bag or suitcase. If you use a conventional padlock, you run the risk that customs will break it to open the bag. The padlock has a red indicator, so you know it has been opened and the contents of the bag inspected.

More and more suitcases and backpacks are equipped with TSA locks. Check before you buy these locks for nothing.

TSA luggage locks

GPS luggage tags.

Who doesn’t have the anxiety of not seeing their luggage arrive on the airport carpet or of seeing their suitcase disappear during their train or bus trip? We sometimes think about flying, but it is far from always the case. Every day on the train, customers exchange their suitcases!

To avoid this, GPS tags are available. The person who finds your luggage simply scans the tag and you are alerted to its location. Customer service takes over so that it is delivered to you as quickly as possible.

The best GPS luggage tags

First aid kit.

You should never travel or hike without a first aid kit. I have often had to use my own kit to help other carefree people. Add an Extractor Pump Kit, useful in case of a snake bite or large insect sting.

Filled first aid kit

Extractor Pump Kit


The Lifestraw filtering system can allow you to drink safe, fully filtered tap water on your travels and nature’s water on your hikes.

LifeStraw water Filter Bottle

LifeStraw Personal Water Filter

USB headlamp.

This headlamp is waterproof and rechargeable with USB port.

Best headlamp

best travel accessories for long flights

Travel neck pillow

Memory foam travel pillow

Best Silk travel sheet.

When travelling to places that are not very touristy, the cleanliness of the sheets may be a little questionable. In this case, you will appreciate being able to protect yourself with your own sheet. This sheet is also useful inside the sleeping bag if you have to go camping.

I recommend silk: light, comfortable, easy to care for, quick drying. This is what ultra-lightweight fans use.

The best travel sheet

Microfiber towel.

Ideal towel for travel, thanks to its high absorbency, light weight and ultra-quick drying. I even use one at home to dry my westie after the bath!

The best microfiber towel


If you are not sure to find electricity regularly and/or you are going on a trek, the external battery is indispensable. Rechargeable from an electrical outlet, it allows you to have extra electricity to charge your electronic devices. It’s tempting to think that they’re all the same. That would be a big mistake. Not only do the cheapest ones don’t have enough power to charge several devices, but some of them give up after only one charge.

Opt for a solar charger if you are going on a trek. There are also backpacks with a solar charger!

Power bank

Solar power bank

Sunnybag backpack


Do not hesitate to send us your suggestions for the best useful travel accessories! Which ones are essential to you and which ones would you recommend?

How do you organize yourself before a trip? Do you have your own list of travel accessories, so you are sure you forget nothing or do you have a place where you keep all your travel stuffs?

You can find more product reviews here: tips and buying guides.

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Best Travel Accessories You Absolutely Need – Buying Guides 2024

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