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The travel blog Ethno Travels helps you to prepare your next trips abroad and to travel closer to people and cultures.

Aware of the difficulties and fears that can arise when you have never or rarely travelled independently, I take advantage of each article to give you advice adapted to your destination.

You can use this blog in a classic way by reading the latest articles. But in order to help you find the right content, the blog is organized into several categories, of which you will find the description below. As I don’t have time to write about all my travels, don’t hesitate to contact me to find out if I know your next destination.

Best luxury hotels in Biarritz France

Restaurant, hotel, product reviews

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Sakoneta Beach Zumaia

Visit the Basque Country

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Karst peaks of Yangshuo county and Li River from Moon Hill

Backpacking China

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A beautiful young Monpa girl with her baby

Travel blog India

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My Balinese friend Ketut praying in the temple before the tooth filling of his wife

Travel blog Indonesia

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