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Why should you contact me?


  1. You are looking for someone to plan your trip to the Basque Country.
  2. You are looking for a vacation rental or/and a guide in the Basque Country. Check also this page to learn more
  3. You need information on a place I know. You are looking for information about a traditional Basque or Indian festival. For the Basque Country it’s here. For India it’s here
  4. For any other question, subscribe to the newsletter of the theme you are interested in (Basque Country, India, Independent Travel Advice, amla/ayurveda). Throughout the welcome sequence, I try to give you as much practical information as possible. For a personalised answer, use my travel preparation service (links in section 3 above).

Tourism companies:

  1. You are looking for a blogger who can promote your business in French and English
  2. You need an expertise, a training in customer relationship and management (I’m an expert in hospitality and management, trained by Accor group, since 1997). For these two topics, you can see my solutions here
  3. You are a tourism professional and are looking for a tour guide in the Basque Country or Asia.

You can first answer a questionnaire about your challenges here, so that I can evaluate your needs and offer you the services that best meet them

Ethno Travels is a self-owned company, registered under Siret number 850 645 441 00013.

Media and tourist offices:

  1. You want to interview me for your magazine or newspaper.
  2. You are looking for articles, photos or videos on a traditional and little known Basque or Asian festival.
  3. You are looking for a tourism expert specialized in the development of responsible tourism to speak at your conference.
  4. You want to organize a communication campaign for your destination.

>>> Download my media kit below

Questions about amla and Ayurveda:

If you have any questions about amla and/or Ayurveda, I invite you to subscribe to the newsletter here

You will receive a PDF with all the uses of amla according to its cosmetic form, followed by several short emails every other day, for a mini-training on amla and Ayurveda. This PDF and the mini-training answer all the questions that I am asked every day on the different social networks, by email or even by phone, and which I can no longer answer because of their number. Throughout this mini-training, you can ask me questions by answering directly to the email, if its content is not completely clear to you.

The writing of the articles and the making of the training course took a lot of time. You will therefore understand that I no longer answer the many questions for which you can find the answers very easily in the articles or the training.

If you have a reaction or question that you think everyone could benefit from, it is best to do so directly as a comment to the article you were reading. I respond to all comments with questions.

The emails I don’t answer anymore to.

Please note that I do not respond to vague or incomprehensible e-mails, proposals to exchange or sell links, requests to publish guest articles on my site, questions answered on my blog, requests for free personalized help, that I only promote companies that I know because I use their services or that I can evaluate, etc.

In addition, any article resulting from a paid collaboration strictly follows Google’s guidelines: NO FOLLOW links only, mandatory mentions (“sponsored article” or other mention of the same type).

Due to the high volume of e-mails received, only service requests are processed within 48 hours.

How to contact me?

You can contact Ethno Travels using the form below.

But before doing so, please read the above recommendations to avoid a lack of response to your request.

    You can also find and follow me on the main social media.

    My Facebook page.

    My Facebook group dedicated to the autochtonous people and traditional cultures of Asia and the Basque Country.



    My new Instagram account (I don’t update anymore the previous ones @travelsfrance and @tribesandminorities).




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