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Stephanie interacting with a tribal woman and a TRibal friend in Nangur market

Who am I?

I’m Stephanie and I live between two cultures.

Living in the French part of the Basque Country, I work there as a local guide and a trip planner.

Since 2007, I also regularly go to Asia and I’m even recognized as an expert of the Indian Tribal culture I campaign for.

San Juan de Gaztelugatxe Game of Thrones dragon castle

Trip planning

I offer several services to travellers:

  • my services as a bilingual French-English guide in the Basque Country and Asia.
  • an help for trip planning.
  • the rental of an independent apartment in my house in the south of Landes.
Abhuj Maad Tribe of Bastar - mediums in Narayanpur

the blog

Passionate about Humans and traditional cultures, I share on this blog my travelogues and observations on these two fascinating cultures that have a lot of similarities. But also my tips to travel close to people, ensure safe travels and be a responsible traveller.

What to do in Saint Jean de Luz : Udaberria dance festival

Basque festivals agenda

At the end of December 2018, I published the agenda of the most traditional Basque festivals I had been working on for several years!

You will find many very typical and little known local festivities, as well as information to prepare your trip.

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