Ethno Travels – Travel close to People and Cultures

Ethno Travels – Travel close to People and Cultures

Ethno Travels is the blog of a traveler passionate about people and cultures.

For 15 years, Stephanie Langlet has been helping you to prepare your trip as close to the people as possible, at the best price and in complete safety.

She shows you that it is possible to help local people without an NGO, simply by being respectful, giving them time and importance, and by choosing the travel companies really involved in sustainable tourism.

In 2012, she met the Bastar tribes during the longest festival in the world. Working in tourism and management for 20 years, this encounter convinced her to put her know-how at the service of the development of responsible tourism in India and the Basque Country, with the fundamental value of respect for the Human being and the preservation of the local customs.

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