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Discover my advice and services to travel closer to the people, whether in the Basque Country or in Asia.

Main Blog Topics: Slow Travel in the Basque Country; solo travel in Asia: India, China, Indonesia, etc; tailor made itineraries and tours

Stephanie with Sikh warriors in Delhi

My travel story to meet the peoples of the world

Through my blog, you will travel around the Basque Country, discovering its natural, cultural, culinary and architectural treasures… You will discover its most traditional and least known festivals… And you will meet some of the people of Asia who have preserved their animist beliefs and their way of life close to nature…

Tailor Made Itinerary and Tour

Ethno Travels is a self-employed company specialized in tailor made tours and itineraries, in French or English, in the Basque Country, Landes and Bearn. Find some itinerary ideas and book a video call here

Thanks to its partnership with a travel agency based in India and Portugal, Ethno Travels also offers tailor made tours in India, Indonesia, Vietnam and China. And always tours in Central India with my local friends.

Featured Destinations

The Basque Country and the Landes where I live; China where I went twice and where I found a real family; tribal India with its unusual festivals and rituals; the fascinating and multi-cultural Indonesia, the country where I would settle if I had to leave France…


Mysterious Basque Country: A French-Spanish country between the Atlantic Ocean and the Pyrenees mountains


Hiking and cruising among the karst peaks of Yangshuo, Dong Country, Ancient Tibetan Amdo


Preserved tribes of Central India, Bastar Dussehra the longest festival in the world, warrior tribes of the Northeast


The bewitching and colorful Bali, the volcanic Java and the Tana Toraja, the country where the dead walk home

Readers’ thoughts

You undertook the trip on a completely different plane and did an admirable job. There are not many of your tribe. I can only say “may your tribe grow”.

Vyjay Rao – India

It is extraordinary when one can be respected and at the same time publicly promote a culture, both to alert and increase tourism in a dignified way.

One more reason why we love following your travels and your work.

Rob Taylor – USA

Sharing and pleasure of the senses, what happiness this Basque Country…. Thank you again for your articles Stéphanie. Ah you like your Basque identity.

Now the Basque Country is put on the world map as a culinary must.

Charles Ichkanian – France

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