FAQ Amla – Frequently Asked Questions on the Indian Gooseberry

In this amla FAQ, you will find a quick, simple and accurate answer to all the questions you/we have about amla.

Indeed, I have been using amla oil since 2012 and many of you want hair like mine and want to know how. Your lovely comments on the blog and YouTube channel mean a lot to me and show me that I’m not wasting my time passing on my passion for this Ayurvedic currant!

I do not despair of making the health effects of amla as popular… As of June 7, 2022, I still haven’t had the Covid and have been been on regular amla treatments.

Feel free to ask other questions in comments, so I can incorporate them into this FAQ. Let me know what you think so I can make this FAQ as convenient as possible for you!

FAQ amla.

What is the difference between RV Essential’s oily macerate and amla oil?

The macerate is made from amla powder macerated in any oil (castor, mineral, etc.).
RV Essential oil is made from the fruit and is 100% amla. There are no additives.

What are the effects of amla on hair?

It nourishes and moisturizes them, making them much stronger, thicker and shinier. It prevents breakage at the roots and split ends.
The full article is here

What is the difference with amla powder? Is the effectiveness the same on the growth?

Powder does not nourish the hair. On the contrary, it dries them out and should only be used as a complement to hide white hair or to prolong your coloring.

Which paraffin-free amla oil to use?

The RV Essential one, coming directly from India and the one I use.
You can only order it here

For hair growth, which oil is more effective, Dabur or RV Essential?

RV Essential. It is 100% pure and organic, unlike Dabur which contains kerosene and smells bad. The jasmine added in certain versions is only used to mask this bad smell!

What is the exact composition of RV Essential Oil?

It contains only amla. The gooseberry is cold pressed to obtain an oil without any addition.

Is Dabur oil safe to use?

No. It contains kerosene. So it is made from petroleum residues. I used a kerosene oil to kill mealy bugs and ants on my citrus trees. It works very well…

I received my RV Essential oil today. In 100 ml, the bottle is plastic… Won’t it affect the hair?

No. I didn’t know the 100ml bottles could be plastic ones. On Amazon, RV Essential specifies the bottles are in ambre glass or steel only.

I would like to use amla oil but how to recognize the real one?

You have to look at the composition. On the bottle, it should say “cold pressed oil” or “cold pressed”. And there should be no list of ingredients or just “amla”. It is also normally slightly golden, with a subtle plant smell. It is liquid and not greasy.

I received my oil, but I find its smell strong, like burnt.

The smell is usually quite subtle, but it all depends on the time of harvesting and making. March/April is considered the best period for amla. The smell will be closer to that of the olive than the herbaceous plant, but without being heady or annoying for me – I have a sensitive sense of smell though. I received a bottle from this period when I ordered in May.

Can I buy the oil in a pharmacy, parapharmacy, organic store or elsewhere than on Amazon?

No unfortunately. It comes directly from India.

Is amla oil viscous and thick?

No, if it is a pure oil. However, if it is a macerate (amla powder + vegetable or mineral oil), it will be. It is the other oil, often castor oil, which gives this viscous and thick aspect.

Does this oil work for fine hair?


Can I use it on my frizzy hair?

Yes. Amla is good for all hair types.

Can it be used on relaxed hair?

Yes. Because it feeds them.

Can I use amla on my light hair or on my blonde highlights?

The powder would not, it would darken the hair. As for the oil, the RV Essential oil doesn’t seem to darken my hair since I still have auburn highlights. Many readers have told me they use it to extend their color, others on light hair without it darkening.

Is it possible to use Ayurvedic powders on hair with dark chemical coloring?

As far as I know, only henna should not be used with chemical dyes. However, if the objective is simply to nourish the hair and not to prolong the coloring, I recommend using oil instead.

Should I use amla all over my hair?

Yes, you need to put special emphasis on the roots and tips.

How much amla to apply?

It all depends on your hair. My hair is very long and thick, so I focus on the ends and roots.

Do I have to dilute it in water?

No. It is used pure.

Do we leave it unwashed?

Yes, Indian women leave amla in constantly. You can apply it at night and wash your hair normally the next day. Some readers leave it on all day.

How many masks should I do per week?

Before every shampoo. For me, that means twice.

Which shampoo should I use after applying the mask?

Any of them!

Should I use conditioner or another care product?

No. Oil is enough.

Is it better to make an amla mask alone or mix with coconut oil?

In winter: amla oil only, as the coconut will solidify. In summer, you can either mix the two in equal proportions or alternate the masks.

Can I use amla oil on a baby or young child?

No contraindication is indicated on the bottle. In India, women also use it on their children.

Can I use amla powder for my children?

I don’t see the point of it. Its only use for hair is to hide white hair.

Can I use amla on my face?

Yes. Amla is the most antioxidant containing food in the world. You can use it to make your own homemade anti-aging serum.
You can find my homemade anti-aging serum recipe here
I now use this serum during the day, and the pure amla oil at night.

Can we use amla on our lashes?

Yes if you use the oil pure, but not if your eyes are fragile and sensitive.

Will amla hide my white hair?

It looks like it, but I can’t say for sure. At almost 49, I still don’t dye my hair and it’s still dark. I notice more and more white hair in my thick head of hair, but others don’t notice it. My sisters had a lot of white hair when they were younger. It may be due to my use of the oil since 2012 but it is not proven.
To cover your white hair, use powder instead, without forgetting to also do oil masks to nourish them well.

Where to buy amla?

– For the pure oil, only on Amazon. Here is the link again.
– For powder, tablets, dried fruits, juice, you can sometimes find them in organic stores and on Amazon.

Where to find amla in Paris?

In Indian stores near Gare du Nord, except oil, on Amazon only.

Can we eat amla?

Yes, it is an edible currant. Unfortunately you won’t find it fresh in Europe, but you can buy it dried, in juice or tablets. Some powders are also edible.

Is Aroma Zone amla powder edible?

No. On the site, it is indicated “cosmetic quality”.

How to use amla powder?

– In mask to darken the hair.
– In mask for the skin.
– In infusion with water and honey.
The full article is here

What are amla tablets used for?

To boost the immune system, strengthen the beauty and health of the skin and hair, fight against fatigue.
You can find the article here

How many amla tablets should I take each day?

Only 2 ! Do not follow the indications of the boxes sold in Europe. We tend to overdose our consumption of Ayurvedic products. The Indians insist on the danger of overdosing. It is better to take a long course of treatment with a low dose.

Can amla be used to lose weight?

Yes, some of my Indian friends do amla juice cures to slim down.

What is amla called in Arabic?

أملا, e’mlege املاج or simply amla.

Can it be used for teeth?


What are the contraindications?

I don’t know of any. If you consume it in infusion or tablets, you will just have to be careful with the dosage. As a mask for the skin, test first on an area less sensitive than the face.

Does amla help fight cancer?

According to scientific studies, amla has many medical properties. In particular, it has anti-cancer properties (2011 and 2017 studies) and anti-diabetic properties (numerous studies).
Caution: follow your doctor’s instructions and in particular the official treatment prescribed to you. Under no circumstances should you abandon your treatment and replace it with amla. Even if the studies are promising, no one has ever told me about a patient cured of cancer only thanks to amla.
You will find all the health benefits of amla in this article

I am suffering from severe hair loss and have been diagnosed with a problem with my male hormones, testosterone. Can amla help me?

In principle, yes! I’m waiting for confirmation from two different readers who are going to follow the advice I just gave them: take a course of amla tablets in addition to the oil. You can buy them here. Just take two tablets a day in the morning on an empty stomach with a glass of warm or hot water (depending on your dosha). Also, do overnight masks with amla oil before each shampoo.
NOTE: I am not a specialist in Ayurvedic medicine. This information comes from the results of scientific studies I have read, research I have done on scientific websites and information from Indian friends who use Ayurveda regularly. It is not a medical advice and I cannot be held responsible for the choice you make to use amla or not.

I am currently using minoxidil for my testosterone related hair loss problem. Can I also use amla oil?

I would do the same regimen as mentioned in the previous question. I would start with the tablets, but wait before using the amla oil in addition to the minoxidil. Eventually, I would do an amla oil mask once a week, if only by keeping it on for a few hours, to see if there is a difference.

Conclusion- Amla FAQ.

I hope this FAQ will answer as many of your questions as possible.

I look forward to your additional questions and feedback!

You can also find all the articles in my guide on amla here

FAQ Amla – Frequently Asked Questions on the Indian Gooseberry

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