How to Use the Powerful Benefits of Amla Supplement?

At the beginning of September 2020, in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, I decided to test amla supplement.

The arrival of autumn, the epidemic of influenza and other winter ailments, combined with the resumption of the Covid-19 pandemic, requires strong immune defenses. Taking a dietary suplement can really helps.

Knowing that my Indian friends regularly do amla cures and that the cure rate of Covid-19 is very high in India, I decided to do a cure of food supplement with amla berry.

I opted for a brand selling pure amla tablets, which I found on Amazon.

In these amla supplement reviews, I will tell:

  • Why I chose this brand.
  • How to use amla berry supplement.
  • What are amla capsules benefits.
Amla supplement reviews

Where to buy amla suplement?

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Why I chose amla tablets?

When I wrote my article on SARS-Cov2, my sister living in a big city ordered capsules from another brand, which at the time were the only ones sold on Amazon. She was very satisfied with them. Nevertheless, they were powder in capsules.

Although amla powder health benefits are high, I prefer pure tablets as I am sure there is only amla inside.

On Amazon, I have seen some brands mixing amla with other plants and I really wanted amla only.

How to use amla antioxidant?

On the boxes, the information tends to be very vague. So I asked my Indian friends!

Indians recommend taking only two amla tablets a day, on a regular basis during your cures. It is better to make several small amla cures during 3 weeks/1 month than a long 3 months cure. Ayurvedic treatments, according to them, tend to produce effects quickly.

As I mentioned in another article on amla for health, amla is the fruit containing the most antioxidant in the world. It also contains a lot of vitamin C, D and E.

Amla fruit vitamin C contains antibodies to fight against bacteria and infections.

What are the benefits of amla tablets?

The advantage of amla in tablet form – or in fruit juice, dried or fresh fruit – is that you combine all the benefits of amla:

As a reminder, the Indian gooseberry, or amla, is the food that contains the most antioxidant in the world.

Testimonials from my Indian friends.

You will find several testimonies of my Indian friends in my various articles on amla.

Conclusion – amla supplement reviews

Feel free to order and use the pure amla tablets recommended in this review.

Thanks to regular cures of 2 amla supplement tablets per day, you will boost your immune defenses, while nourishing your hair and skin from the inside.

If you want to know the other uses of amla, read this article.

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Where to buy amla and why

How to Use the Powerful Benefits of Amla Supplement?

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