Best immune booster supplements and Buddhist principles for Coronavirus

This article on the best immune booster supplements and Buddhist principles was written in March 2020, in the midst of the declaration of a Coronavirus / Covid-19 pandemic and when France was about to close schools. It was then regularly updated.

Originally, I didn’t want to write anything about it. At a time when people are scared, panicky and depressed, I thought the best remedy was to bring positivity through nice pictures, travel articles and posts to escape from everyday life and project oneself… Anything that could help to keep the mood up.

With the declaration of the pandemic and the measures taken by the different countries, things moved quickly and I could see the huge difference on the social networks, on the blogs, in the streets. It’s more and more difficult to project yourself into the future, to make plans, to think about something else when the present seems uncertain. There are even surreal scenes in supermarkets in France…

So I decided to write this article to bring a different perspective on the coronavirus, tell you what ayurvedic products you can use to protect yourself from the coronavirus and share my tips to keep your spirits up.

In this article, I will tell you:

  • What a pandemic and the coronavirus are.
  • Why it’s a good thing a pandemic is declared.
  • What we can do to protect others and ourselves from the coronavirus.
  • Which immune booster supplements to use.
  • What you can do to keep your spirits up.
  • What you can do afterwards to prevent it from happening again.

Please note: I am not a doctor, but the following emerges both from current scientific studies and sources cited, and from my own knowledge of Asia.

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Coronavirus: how to keep an healthy mind in a health body

Best immune booster supplements.

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A few misconceptions about coronavirus.

“This is a conspiracy. The existence of the coronavirus has been known for a long time and it’s been hidden from us!”

No, yes, and no!
No, it’s not a conspiracy.
Yeah, coronaviruses aren’t new. SARS-Cov2 is even the seventh coronavirus capable of infecting humans and causing what’s called the Covid-19 pandemic. The SARS-Cov2 genome is very close to the SARS genome (8000 people infected including 800 deaths).
Source :

“There is a vaccine for the coronavirus. We are being lied to and it will soon be given.”

No, there is no vaccine to date.
At the Pasteur Institute in Lille and many other research offices in the world, specialized teams have been created to determine which current drugs have an impact on coronaviruses, prevent the development of new strains, find a vaccine.

“There’s no point in panicking. Coronavirus is less deadly than seasonal flu or road deaths and the like.”

Well, there’s no point in panicking. However, the current coronavirus is far more deadly than the seasonal flu. The statistics prove it and in China many deaths would have been attributed to the flu when it was the coronavirus. Leading experts also believe that the number of recorded cases is only a tiny part of the iceberg and that the number of people currently infected should be multiplied by about 10 …
As for remaining inactive under the pretext that the coronavirus is less devastating than anything else, this is absurd.
Moreover, it is vital to postpone as much as possible the peak of the epidemic to the summer season, when it should be easier to control it.

“Lockdown in China, it’s been useless. So there is no reason to take all these restrictive measures”.

Not only did the lockdown in China overcome the virus after two months, but the country also learned the lessons from the previous SARS outbreak in 2003. In particular, the Chinese reacted much faster and put in place measures to protect themselves from the coronavirus very early on.
Source :

What is a pandemic?

The word “pandemic” is scary. This became apparent as soon as the WHO declared a pandemic. But what is a pandemic and what is the difference between an epidemic and a pandemic?

The main difference between an epidemic and a pandemic is that the epidemic only affects a single geographical area, whereas a pandemic has several outbreaks and can spread to an entire continent or even the whole world, as in the case of SARS-Cov2.

Should we be afraid of a declaration of a pandemic?

Yes and no, I explain…

Yes, a deadly epidemic or pandemic is never good news. It’s obvious.

But not as things stand: that doesn’t mean the situation is getting worse. The whole world is affected by coronavirus and we’ve known it for a while. On the other hand, declaring a pandemic means taking additional measures to prevent the rapid spread of the coronavirus. We have seen this with the United States, India and Great Britain closing their borders. France and many other European countries have decided to close schools and ban gatherings of more than 100 people. Then very quickly stage 3 and even stronger measures (closure of public places not necessary for public life, confinement, etc.).

I quote Professor Gilles Deray:

The measures taken are appropriate and effective and will help control the epidemic. This is already the case in China, the initial and by far the largest outbreak of this infectious agent, where the epidemic is now dying out.

Professeur Gilles Deray, Hôpital Pitié-Salpêtrière Paris

What is coronavirus?

I’ve already explained it a little above.

The coronavirus, or rather the coronaviruses, are viruses that have mutated. 7 are transmissible to humans. Among them, 4 cause colds and mild infections, 3 are very dangerous (SARS in 2003, MERS in 2012, SARS-Cov2 in 2019).

There are many other coronaviruses, affecting animals.

The SARS host was originally the bat. The virus mutated and was transmitted to humans.

Ditto for the MERS, transmitted to the dromedary by the bat, then by this one to the man.

SARS-Cov2 is believed to have originated from bats and was transmitted to humans through the consumption of pangolin. There is no evidence at present, but several scientific documents refer to it.

Use the best immune booster supplements to protect yourself from coronavirus.

I’m not going to go back on the protective gestures you can see on all the posters. It’s mostly a matter of common sense, although not always evident in all countries. Please, check this page of WHO website for more tips and information.

You can also eat superfoods to boost your body. You will find a list in this article.

If you know this blog, you know that my favourite superfood is amla, the Indian gooseberry. Super-food but also the one with the most antioxidant in the world.

You will find below two Ayurvedic products, the two best immune booster supplements I know.

The first one is a box of amla capsules. Just swallow them with a little water. You can read my article on amla for health here and on amla caps here.

The second is chyawanprash. It’s a kind of Ayurvedic jam. You can eat a teaspoon morning and evening. For children, just one spoon, on bread or in hot milk.

Note: Amazon has hired additional staff to handle the increase in orders. Delivery delays may be caused by delivery companies. It is therefore worth ordering despite these small delays.

How to protect others and avoid the spread of a virus?

Here too, I’m not going to go back on common sense (avoid gatherings, crowded places, etc.).

On the other hand, common sense also dictates staying home and avoiding social contact when ill. Having worked in an open space, or rather in a bacteria nest, I know that not everyone does it. So, wear at least a mask to avoid transmitting your infection if you feel feverish!!!

Can we travel responsibly during a pandemic?

If it’s a pleasure trip or a trip you can postpone, postpone it! Traveling responsibly means knowing how to put the environment and the needs of the locals ahead of your own pleasure.

Don’t think only of you and this American woman who published an article “to teach us to travel responsibly” she says… and who chooses her travel cancellations according to the risk of contamination for her! When we know that her country had just closed its borders to tourism, it shows a good dose of selfishness…

Unfortunately, it is this kind of reasoning that forces countries to close their borders and take drastic measures. These measures are not there to restrict our freedoms, disproportionate or frightening. They are there to protect us from the coronavirus collectively and to avoid taking them only in a few weeks, when the epidemic will already have peaked and will have a much stronger economic and social impact.

Why lockdown is a good measure?

  • As I said earlier, this is what helped China overcome the infection. There are still a few new cases every day, but the epidemic is declining and lockdown has been stopped.
  • China had to deal with the SARS epidemic in 2003. The country learned the lessons and put in place the right measures from the beginning.
  • It was clear that it was important for the government to be firm and take action quickly to avoid scenes of panic, anarchy, irresponsible and/or selfish behaviour… even civil war because of extreme positions in France!

What to do to stay positive?

A healthy mind in a healthy body… It is as important to keep your morale up as it is to prepare your body to protect itself from the coronavirus.

Here are my tips to stay positive:

  • Listen to mantras, it’s very soothing. I listen to Ani Choying Dolma a lot. If you listen to what she explains in this video, you’ll learn a lot about Buddhist philosophy, the notion of detachment, etc.
  • Do pilates. My pilates class forces me to take my mind off things and to be completely focused on my body and my balance. It’s impossible to keep one’s parasitic thoughts during practice!
  • Remember that it’s all a matter of interpretation and that you can decide to see things positively, negatively or neutrally. For example, this article disappeared from my blog due to a computer bug. Rather than being annoyed by this loss, I took it as an opportunity to improve it even more and give more concrete tips.
  • Remember that you can’t control everything and accept it.
  • Focus on what you can control. In times of a pandemic, ask yourself, for example, what you can do now to turn the situation to your advantage. Perhaps you needed to slow down and take it easy, you may need to spend more time with your children, you may have been putting off a project you care about because you didn’t have the time, etc. In my case, I decided to focus more on my ability to help people see the positive and on my knowledge of Ayurveda, which at the same time fills my need to feel useful.
  • Don’t watch the news anymore!!!
  • Keep making plans, be positive and keep the field busy! I have never had so many interesting and exciting proposals as during the coronavirus epidemic. People need to feed on positive personalities. This is the perfect time to make a difference with your attitude!
  • If you find yourself facing financial difficulties because of the current situation, ask yourself if you can’t change your business a little or a lot. As I said before, with the pandemic, I started to write more about Ayurveda, leadership and the principles of Buddhism. I honored my appointment with a large Indian company that specializes in Ayurveda and we thought about how we were going to work together.
  • Bring positivity to others. It feels good to feel useful.
  • On the other hand, get away from personalities that already pull you down in ordinary times. Their toxic influence would be even worse.
  • Adopt an Ayurvedic routine.

Here are Paula’s tips to stay positive:

Paula Martinelli is a professional athlete. You can imagine how it’s important for an athlete to stay positive and how well she developed this skill!!!

You can read her 6 ways to cope with coronavirus anxiety here

What to do to help others stay positive?

We are often quicker to let ourselves get demoralized than to be carried upwards. The omnipresence of the subject in the media does not help to show detachment…

  • Try to talk about positive things, to bring a different perspective to your friends in difficulty. “It’s gonna be hard to teach the kids at home.” “yeah, but it’s a great opportunity to spend more time with them.”
  • If you’re a travel blogger, share beautiful photos that make people want to smile, share positive things, knowledge that can help your audience feel better or protect themselves, etc.
  • Don’t judge other people’s fears or misunderstandings. Not everyone understands and perceives things the same way. For example, some will tell me that I live in a Teddy Bear world, while others on the contrary will emphasize my ability to brighten their day or soothe them.
  • Try to dispel misconceptions, rumours and fears by using positive language.
  • Set up self-help groups around your profession or status. A friend of mine, a tour guide, has started a discussion group on the plight of the self-employed. Another group, international, on the impact of coronavirus on tourism, has been started.
  • Communicate positively in the groups you are part of and reassure others with the verified information you have.
  • Use your Facebook group to inform and reassure your network. The group “le Mur de Saint Jean de Luz Ciboure” was able to adapt to the situation and temporarily transformed itself into a group of mutual aid and information sharing on the coronavirus.
  • Start positive discussions. For example, on my international group of professional bloggers, we launched the discussion “Share 2 actions you CAN do to take control of your blog and increase your income for the moment”.
  • My friends, the Vincent twins, who live in China, have been present, reassuring and supportive since the beginning of the epidemic in China. Luc by sharing photos of him and his family and their life during the epidemic, as well as informing. Christophe by sharing positive quotes, good vibes.

What to do to prevent it from happening again?

According to the current research mentioned above, the virus has been transmitted by pangolin in southern China.

We have two solutions: blame the Chinese for this and hold them responsible, or try to understand why people in China consume pangolin and prevent it from happening again?

Originally, I thought that pangolin was consumed by certain ethnic minorities, to whom it had not been explained why not to consume pangolin.

Instead of explaining why consuming certain animals or drinking too much alcohol is harmful, people are often laughed at, insulted and belittled – here I am not talking about China, but about a phenomenon observed throughout Asia.

My hypothesis was wrong: my friend Luc explained to me that pangolin was eaten by rich people, also taking pleasure in defying the ban, because it is a very fine meat. Since the SARS-Cov2 outbreak, the ban has been tightened. Unfortunately, pangolin is still sold on the markets and consumed despite the international ban in some African countries, such as Gabon!

Being a responsible traveller also means not hesitating to explain things in a positive and non-judgmental way. You can always find a way around the language barrier. Small streams make big rivers! Feel free to share your views with the locals.

Conclusion – Best immune booster supplements and Buddhist principles.

Protection against coronavirus is a matter of both body and mind. It also means knowing how to protect others and not adopting an attitude that puts them in danger.

By using immune booster supplements, staying positive, protecting others and helping to keep their spirits up, you’ll help make the coronavirus quickly become just a bad memory.

Do you have any other tips on how to protect yourself from the coronavirus? Do you manage to stay positive? Do you use immune booster supplements? Tell us about your experience in a commentary!

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Best immune booster supplements to fight coronavirus
Best immune booster supplements and Buddhist principles for Coronavirus

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