16 Indian hair masks for dry damaged hair

Are you looking for easy hair masks for dry damaged hair, Indian hair remedies, anti-aging hair treatments?

In my article on amla oil for hair care, I recommend the Indian oil that I have been using since 2012 to make a natural hair mask for my dry damaged hair: amla.

Since long hair care can be complicated, finding the best mask for dry hair has incredibly improved my hair.

Not only has it made my hair stronger and allowed it to be long without breaking, but it also allows it to be darker – or a kind of beautiful chocolate color.

In this new article, you will find:

  • The best home mask for dry hair.
  • A summary table with each of the 16 Asian masks and Indian oils that were mentioned in my article on amla oil.
  • The best masks for dark hair.
  • The best masks for light hair.

You will know if I recommend them or not and for what purpose.

Easy hair masks for dry damaged hair

Summary – Easy hair masks.

What’s the best hair mask for damaged hair?

Organic amla oil is the best oil for hair mask.

It is the one I use and it is the best dry hair mask in my opinion.

In this article, you will find a video where I explain the benefits of amla oil for my hair and how to use it.

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Summary table of easy hair masks mentioned in the article.

NameUsesRecommendedNote (/5)Price
PURE AMLA OILFor dark hair and skinYes 100% organic / my recommended oil5Check
KHADI AMLA SHAMPOOAmla shampooYes4.6Check
DABUR AMLA JASMINEFor dark hairNo: paraffin1Check
DABUR AMLA GOLDFor dark hairNo: paraffin + toxic substances0.5Check
EMAMI 7 OILSFor dark hairNo : several toxic substances1Check
NAVRATNA OILMassages, relaxing bathsYes4.3Check
KACHUR SUGANDHI POWDERFor fair hairYes 100% organic5Check
MUSTARD OILFor beardYes 100% organic5Check
AMLA POWDERSkin and Hair mask (dark hair), infusionYes 100% organic4.7Check
NAGARMOTHA POWDERHair maskYes 100% organic4.7Check
BHRINGARAJ POWDERHair maskYes 100% organic4.7Check
BRINGARAJ AMLA OILAgainst dandruffYes 100% organic4.8Check
TIGER BALMHeadaches, sinusitis, bronchitis, aches and painsYes5Check
BRAHMI OILFor dark hairYes4.2Check

Amla hair products reviews for dark hair mask.

If you have dark hair like me, you need amla oil for a natural hair care.

The best hair growth mask: organic amla oil.

Why is organic amla oil absolutely perfect for the care of dark hair?

  • It strengthens it.
  • It darkens it.
  • It makes it thicker.
  • The roots are no longer brittle.
  • The tips are no longer forked.
  • It is 100% natural.
  • It smells very nice.
  • Its texture is very pleasant.
  • It is not greasy.
  • It doesn’t stain.
  • It is very economical.
  • It is equipped with a pouring spout that allows you to drip.

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Jasmine Dabur amla oil.

This is the oil you will find in Asian stores in France.

Why is amla Dabur oil to be avoided?

  • It contains paraffin, a solid petroleum residue.
  • It smells very bad, because of the paraffin.
  • Little is known about the health effects of paraffin.
  • It contains many allergens.
  • It’s greasy.
  • It is far from natural.
  • It stains.
  • It has a viscous consistency.
  • It is not economical.
  • It made my few white hairs look yellow.

Dabur amla gold.

It’s almost the same as classic Dabur oil – so with paraffin – but with henna and sweet almond in addition… as well as a component rated “average health risk” by Que Choisir consumer magazine, methylpropional Butylphenyl !

Why ban Dabur amla Gold oil?

  • for the same reasons as the classic Dabur oil.
  • for butylphenyl methylpropional and its health risk.
  • because it’s not just amla oil.

Emami 7 oils.

When I discovered amla oil, Emami made a very good one.

Today, unfortunately, to meet the increasingly Western tastes of Indian people, this oil has been replaced by a blend of 7 oils.

Why is Emami 7 oils no longer the best hair mask for damaged hair?

  • It’s now a mixture of oils.
  • There’s almost no more amla in it.
  • It contains several components that represent a moderate health risk according to Que Choisir consumer magazine.

Dark hair + dandruff: bhringaraj amla oil.

If you are looking for the benefits of amla oil and have dandruff problems, bhringaraj amla is the right oil for you.

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All natural hair shampoo: amla Khadi.

In addition to the amla oil hair mask, you can use this all natural hair shampoo: amla Khadi shampoo.

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How do you make your own hair mask?

Amla darkens hair but does not completely cover grey hair.

If you need a home mask for dry hair that also covers your white hair, you can test a mixture based on amla powder.

My Indian friends have made several proposals to me. Here is one of the simplest:

  • Mix the amla powder in raw tea extract (in other words, prepare a green or black tea and add amla powder!).
  • Boil to thicken the mixture.
  • Apply when it is cold, gently and carefully, protecting your eyes.
  • Keep the mask on for at least half an hour and then wash the hair normally.

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White turmeric for hair: benefits for blonde hair.

For blonde hair, the best easy hair mask is made from white turmeric powder. White turmeric is also called kachur sugandhi, kachur nar or curcuma zedoaria.

How to prepare a white turmeric hair mask for blonde hair?

  1. Put 5 grams of white turmeric powder (>> order it here), 5 grams of nagarmotha powder (>> order it here) and 5 grams of bhringaraj powder (>> order it here) into a bowl.
  2. Add about 45ml of mineral water, depending on the desired consistency. Add also 5ml of castor oil or jojoba oil if your hair is dry.
  3. Add a few drops of an essential oil that you like to smell (the grapefruit blends well with this recipe).
  4. Apply after shampooing.
  5. Massage the scalp with a little water.
  6. Leave for 15-20 minutes.
  7. Rinse with clean water.

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Brahmi hair oil.

Brahmi oil is another ayurvedic Indian oil.

Brahmi herb, another Ayurvedic plant, is never used alone but with other plants such as amla.

Being very happy with amla oil, I have never tested brahmi herb benefits.

Navratna oil hair growth.

When I tested Navratna oil for hair growth, my hair started to look like dry straw!

Navratna oil hair growth may be very bad as a hair mask, but it is excellent for massages and relaxing baths. You can learn how to use it here

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Mustard oil for hair regrowth.

Mustard oil is more commonly used by Indian men, either for the care of their beards or for their hair.

The smell is very masculine, which explains why some men prefer it to amla oil.

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Does tiger balm work as an easy hair mask?

No!!! I don’t know where this belief comes from but tiger balm can’t be used in hair care: it’s absolutely false!

On the other hand, tiger balm is one of my favorite Asian treatments, especially for aches and pains, migraines, sinusitis and bronchitis.

My favorite is the red balm.

This article explains the right use of tiger balm.

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Conclusion – easy hair masks.

You now know which easy hair masks to use according to their color and your needs.

Feel free to share your experience with us.

Have you ever used any of the treatments mentioned in this article? What did you think of that? Share your experience in the comments below!

If you go to Asia, don’t hesitate to buy these Asian remedies. You can also use the Amazon blocks in this article. Thanks to the commission paid by Amazon, you will help me to make this blog live without extra cost for you.

Read also my article on amla oil here

You can read my full guide to amla Ayurvedic berry here

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16 Indian hair masks for dry damaged hair
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