How to Visit the gorgeous Cote des Basques Beach?

Are you visiting Biarritz and the Basque Country soon? Don’t miss the Cote des Basques beach, one of the best spots for Biarritz surf and chill.

This beach in Biarritz, just as beautiful and a little less central than the main beach Grande Plage, attracts both surfers and families.

In this article, I tell you:

  • where the Cote des Basques beach is located.
  • why to visit this beach.
  • how to organize your visit.
  • you will also find some information to practice surf and other water activities in total safety.

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Biarritz surf and chill

Faq on Cote des Basques beach.

Is wheelchair access possible?

Yes. There’s an inclined plane to access the beach, but there’ s no other equipment on the beach. You can park in the reserved spaces on Prince of Wales Boulevard, just in front of the beach.

Where can you park near the Cote des Basques beach?

There are very few parking spaces at the beach itself. The best is to park in the car park “Biarritz Beach Cote des Basques”, avenue Beau Rivage, and then go down by the equipped paths (gently sloping stairs and bends – about 5 minutes).

Are dogs allowed on the beach?

No, no more beaches in Biarritz !!! Off season, you will nevertheless see some dogs with their owners on the different beaches.

Is it easy to reach Cote des Basques beach by bus?

There is a free shuttle bus in the summer. The bus 44, charged and circulating all year round, goes from Uhabia beach in Bidart to Biarritz town hall, serving all the beaches of Bidart and Biarritz. For the Cote des Basques, get off at the Beau Rivage stop (Marbella beach).

Is it the best place for Biarritz surf?

Yes, although it can be difficult to park and carry your surfboard.

Where is situated Cote des Basques beach?

The beach of the Côte des Basques is often confused with the Grande Plage, yet 1.5km to the north. If you look on TripAdvisor, the same confusion is made: there is no mention of the “Grande Plage” and the pictures mix the two beaches; enough to confuse travelers…

In concrete terms, the Grande Plage is located in the centre of Biarritz. This is where you will find the Hôtel du Palais, the Casino and the colourful beach tents. If you follow the seafront northwards, you arrive at the Biarritz lighthouse, 1.4kms away. If you go south, after 1.5 km you reach the Cote des Basques beach, via the Fishermen’s Port, the Atalaye plateau, the Virgin’s Rock, Port-Vieux and the Villa Belza.

To the south is the beach of Marbella.

Why visit Cote des Basques Beach? Biarritz surf and chill place.

The beach is more than a kilometre long. It is the longest beach in Biarritz. It is made up of fine sand and beautiful rocks, like all the beaches of the Basque Country. Here, no pebbles!

If you face the ocean, you will see the beautiful Villa Belza on the right and the Virgin’s Rock. On the left you will have the Pyrenees and in good weather you can see the whole French coast and part of Spain.

View of Belza villa from Cote des Basques beach
Belza Villa

There are several types of visitors:

  • Families who come to swim, sunbathe, relax, stroll, admire the landscape.
  • Surfers, other water sports enthusiasts and sportsmen who come to run on the steps or on the sand.
  • Walkers who enjoy the path above the beach.
  • Those who come to admire the sunset over the ocean and the Pyrenees, having a drink or a picnic on the steps.
  • Those who share a drink on one of the terraces with a view.
  • Those who enjoy the festive atmosphere at the Casetas festival once a year – much less quiet and crowded.
  • The partygoers who come to enjoy the night in the bars facing the beach.
Pyrenees sunset from Biarritz
Cote des Basques sunset

How to organize your visit?

The Côte des Basques beach is located on the southern outskirts of Biarritz.

You can come on foot from the centre of Biarritz, about 1km-1.5 kilometres from the beach. You will arrive by the Boulevard du Prince de Galles. The access by car through this Boulevard is rather reserved for People with Reduced Mobility. There are very few parking spaces.

Instead, park above the beach in the Côte des Basques parking lot on Avenue Beau Rivage and walk down the laces and stairs or take the free shuttle bus in season.

If you’re coming by bus, take line 44. Consult the network map here.

Would you like to use the services of a guide or organise a stay including surfing lessons in Biarritz? Ask for a free quote.

Biarritz surf and water sports.

The Cote des Basques beach is only accessible at low tide (tidal coefficients less than 45).

Check the marine weather on the beach here.

Surveillance of the beach 2019 (timetables 2020 not published):

JUNE8,9, 10 – 12, and from 15 to 30From 12:00 to 18:00
JULY/AUGUSTFrom 1st to 31stFrom 10:30 to 19:30
SEPTEMBERFrom 1st to 15th From 12:00 to 18:00

“Outside the official monitoring dates, bathing is dangerous and water activities are carried out at the risk of the persons concerned.” (site of the city of Biarritz).

Beginner surfers are advised to get out of the water at rising tide before the first waves reach the riprap.

  • Free distribution of sunscreen
  • Distribution of identity bracelets to children at the First Aid Station (free of charge)
  • Biarritz surf house: Space dedicated to surf culture. Free entrance, every day from 2pm to 7pm in season.

Notice of Quicksilver website:

“A popular and busy spot for all levels. Longboarders, beginners and surf schools tend to prefer the peak offered by the more sheltered corner on the north side of the beach. You will always find some more demanding peaks on the south side, but also the possibility of a calmer wave. This spot works from low to mid tide and getting out of the water at higher tide can quickly become very dangerous. This spot can offer fun waves no matter how big the swell.”

Check the webcam below before you go!

Cote des Basques beach webcam.

Watch the live webcam here.

Where to stay near the beach?

Carlina Lodge (39 metres).

Check the price here

Inter Home Hotel Biarritz (190 metres).

Check price and availability here

Radisson Blu Hotel (234 metres).

Check the price here

You can also consult my guide of the best hotels in Biarritz here

Conclusion – Biarritz surf and chill.

You now know where the Côte des Basques beach, one of the best places for Biarritz surf and chill, really is and how to organise your visit.

Have you ever visited Biarritz? Do you have other visiting tips to share or tips for surfing in Biarritz? Do not hesitate to share them with us as a comment.

You can read my complete guide to Biarritz here

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Biarritz surf and chill at Cote des Basques beach
How to Visit the gorgeous Cote des Basques Beach?

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