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Tour the Basque Country: vacation rental and Basque tours – private/group

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Tour the Basque Country with us. Discover my holiday packages in the Basque Country and Gascony: vacation rental in the south of Landes, guiding services in French or English, tours of the interior Basque country, excursions along the Basque coast.

Services for individuals and groups.

Basque Country Joalduns and bear
Tour the Basque Country with the Joaldunak and bear in Ituren and Zubieta carnival

vacation rental in Biaudos in the south of Landes.

Independent apartment for 5 people, on the ground floor of my house, with direct access to the orchard of 2 500m².

More information and reservation here.

guiding services.

Whether you stay with me or not, you can book my freelance guiding services in French or English. Ethno Travels is a trademark registered in a self-managed company.

You can book them directly by contacting me via the contact form on the site or by calling +33626034311.

Tour the Basque Country: tours of the interior Basque country, excursions along the Basque coast.

I am very pleased to announce that Ethno Travels is now associated with a local travel agency that shares the same vision of travel, to offer you tours and excursions throughout the Basque Country and even beyond.

Whether you travel individually or in a group, we can offer you a wide range of services, from classic tours to tailor-made services

Typical house from Navarre Basque province
Tour the Basque Country in Zugarramurdi, the Spanish witches village

Why you should visit the Basque Country?

Here are some comments gathered here and there on social networks:

Indeed, I much prefer the southwest to the southeast (especially to the Nice region). The people of the southwest are more rustic, more authentic, less superficial than on the Nice side. Nice, I went there several times for work, I would never set foot in it on holiday (except maybe in the countryside).
Moreover, I also prefer the Pyrenees to the Alps. Of course, the Alps are higher, the valleys deeper but above all they are highly urbanized by the different ski resorts and modern tourist villages. There are many more old and authentic small villages in the Pyrenees.

Jérôme Lapuyade-Lahorgue on Quora.

The food. Here are some people who know how to eat, and that’ s all it takes to get there. So yes, the sea, the language, the local traditions, rugby and pelota, all that is very pretty, but without ham, piperade or axoa. Without these things, it wouldn’t be the same.

Jerome Cohen on Quora.

Will one life be enough to taste all these Woodpeckers!
Sharing and enjoying the senses, what a joy this Basque Country is…
Thank you again for your articles Stéphanie.
Ah, you love your Basque identity.
San Sebastian will be one of my next destinations before it is invaded by the whole world… and besides!… If it is indeed the best culinary experience in the world according to Lonely Planet.
Now the Basque Country is pointed, pricked! on the map of the World as a culinary must.

Charles Ichkanian – Lecteur du blog.


I know the Basque Country, its food and its culture very well, especially its traditional festivals. Naturally curious, I am constantly discovering new places that are not known to the locals themselves.

I chose the travel agency with which I work because of its complementarity as well as our similarity: we are globe-trotters, used to organizing our trips and those of others! We know how to handle the unexpected and we adapt easily.

I am also an expert in customer relations. This allows me to know how to easily identify your needs and advise you effectively.

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