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Ethno Travels is the reference blog for travellers seeking local experience, especially in the Basque Country and tribal India.

Its articles and travel guides on the Basque Country inspire tens of thousands of visitors every month to discover the Basque Country through its dances, culinary specialties, sports, festivals, places of interest… It allows them to organize their trip, helps them to choose their accommodation, restaurant, discover the best local producers thanks to its impartial and recognized reviews.

Every year, its articles on Asian culture encourage travellers from all over the world to discover the lesser-known peoples and festivals.


My services for companies.

We can work together in many ways. Here is a non-exhaustive list of the main services I offer the companies that work with me. But I will consider the other proposals:

  1. Product or service review, published on my blog, in French and English.
  2. Hotel / restaurant / airline review.
  3. Recommendation of your hotel, restaurant or local business in the festival agenda (companies located in the Basque Country and around only).
  4. Content creation: articles for your blog, translations.
  5. Coverage of a festival, activity, destination.
  6. Brand ambassador campaign.
  7. Conference speaker.
  8. Guiding services for groups for your holiday centre or travel agency.

1. Product or service review, published on my blog, in French and English.

I can promote your product or service, whether it is a physical or online product.

I will write a full review and promote the article on social networks. You can see an example here.

The product or service must be in line with the editorial line of the blog and help my readers. Of course, I must be able to test it to evaluate it.

The benefits for you:

  • Improved visibility and awareness of the product or service.
  • Improved search engine ranking.
  • Perpetual marketing – reviews are published for an unlimited period of time. They will continue to strengthen your marketing for years to come.

2. Hotel, restaurant, airline reviews.

If you would like to benefit from my expertise in the field of hospitality, I can provide you, in addition to the advice written on the site, with my recommendations to improve your customer service.

Trained in hospitality, staff training and crisis management by the famous Accor hotel group, I have been a manager and sales trainer from 1997 to 2017.

I will publish a full review on the blog and give you a report with the 10 most important recommendations to improve your service and/or your communication.

You can see an airline review here.

For more information for hoteliers, you can consult this page

Benefits for you:

  • In addition to the benefits mentioned above, you will benefit from the external advice of a hospitality and communication expert.

3. Recommendation of your hotel, restaurant or local business in the festival agenda (companies based in the Basque Country and around only).

Your local hotel, restaurant or business will be mentioned in the travel preparation section of the description of local events, provided it meets my quality standards and I could evaluate it.

You can see an example here.

The benefits for you:

  • You directly reach travellers going to festivals in your area.
  • You benefit from a higher exposure than through a classic article.
  • Your establishment is recommended as the best option in its category.

4. Content creation: articles for your blog, translations.

You have a website to promote your business but you don’t have time to write quality content?

I can write and publish articles on your blog for you?

You want to attract an international clientele thanks to your website?

I can translate it for you (English-French)!

The benefits for you:

  • A site with regularly published content = a better-ranked site.
  • A site with more content = more keywords and therefore more opportunities for visits and bookings.
  • You no longer need to worry about keeping your site up to date.
  • You attract more international customers.

For example, Ethno Travels reached 14,000 page views per month two years after its creation.

5. Coverage of a festival, an activity, a destination.

Whether you are based in the Basque Country or elsewhere, I can help you promote a festival, your activity or your destination.

We can set up together a marketing campaign adapted to your needs to encourage other travellers to come…

For festivals in the Basque Country, feel free to contact me to know if I already have videos and photos to make a teaser!

Benefits for you:

  • By sharing my personal experience with me, you increase your online visibility and awareness of your brand, festival or destination in a way that connects with people.
  • The campaign can include publications on other online, national and international media.
  • Thanks to the use of the latest SEO methods, the campaign reaches a targeted and interested audience.
  • Perpetual marketing – reviews and videos are published for an unlimited period. They will continue to strengthen your marketing for years to come.

6. Brand ambassador campaign.

If you are a brand I love and trust, I can promote it regularly on the site and social networks. That’s what I’ve been doing since 2012 for my favorite Indian oil!

Benefits for you:

  • Improved exposure and brand awareness.
  • Brand association: my readers will associate you with my brand, a sign of trust for them.
  • Continuous promotion.
  • Perpetual marketing – reviews and videos are published for an unlimited period of time. They will continue to strengthen your marketing for years to come.

7. Speaking at conferences.

You need a travel blogger who is an expert in hospitality or specialized in indigenous cultures to speak at your event?

Thanks to my background as a commercial trainer and school speaker, I can work on a variety of topics, such as:

  • Using one’s popularity to advocate for tribes in India.
  • Working with travel bloggers to improve brand awareness.
  • Adopting an attitude that encourages meeting good people while travelling.

8. Guiding services for groups for your holiday centre or travel agency.

You run a holiday village or a travel agency in the Basque Country or Landes and need a guide? Let me know your request via the form !

Thanks to my experience in independent travel and guiding, my expertise in customer relations and the management of disrupted situations in international stations, my knowledge of the Basque Country and its culture, your customers will be in good hands.

Benefits for you:

  • A professional guiding by a passionate person of the Basque Country, its history and culture.
  • A guide who adapts to the needs and desires of each group.
  • The possibility of working together on the programme if you wish.
  • A stress-free management of the unforeseen.

Contact me!

You can contact me either directly on my mobile phone on 00336 26 03 43 11, or by using the form below. We can discuss the options most suitable for your needs. I’m waiting for your news!

Why should you work with Ethno Travels?

Between the site and dedicated social networks, Ethno Travels makes it possible to be known to tens of thousands of travellers based mainly in France,  USA and India. In addition to the site and its agenda, travellers can find me on Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube and Twitter.

Thanks to the optimization of all articles for search engines, the use of the latest promotion techniques on social networks and bilingual French-English content, Ethno Travels makes it possible to reach travellers far beyond the Basque Country and France.

Travel blogger since 2003, hospitality professional trained by the Accor group since 1997, I created Ethno Travels in June 2017 to provide a professional response both to travellers and to companies in the tourism sector. All articles are written following a precise editorial line adapted to the professional world, and campaigns on social networks are studied to multiply the impact of blog articles, both in the short and long term.

65% of leisure travellers are inspired by online sources and book their trips after consulting one or more travel blogs (Travel Trends Report 2019, Trekk Soft). 2019 confirms the search for a unique, local experience, cultural and historical discovery, in line with the blog’s content.

With the help of the website and my online presence, I can help you to increase your visibility and find new customers.

About me.

A solo traveller since 2001, a blogger since 2003, passionate about indigenous peoples and cultures, I began to take an interest in the most traditional Basque festivals in 2002 and have since then continued to list them. At the end of 2018, I created an online calendar to help travellers discover them and plan their trip accordingly. Very quickly, the calendar became the most visited part of my site, generating regular interactions with travellers and local professionals.

My profile as a solo traveller and guide combined with my expertise in hospitality allows me to differentiate myself from other blogs and to better understand the expectations of travellers, as well as the needs of professionals.

Thanks to the different guides on the Basque Country, I am regularly contacted by my readers to organize their trip. In particular, this allows me to highlight the local businesses best suited to their needs.

At the same time, I continue to discover new places and cultures, which I in turn introduce to other travellers on the blog or on the ground.

If you want to know more about me, read my about page.

My complete professional background on LinkedIn.

Some brands I’ve worked with.

Brands Stephanie Langlet have worked with


What a perfect analysis of how one can be perceived by a group and how to leverage that trust to share their stories and positively influence a whole world of travelers. I particularly love that you’re able to share stories and broaden the views of children. It’s amazing when one can be respected and at the same time publicly promote a culture, both for awareness and to increase tourism in a dignified manner. One more reason we love following your travels and work.

Rob Taylor – reader of the blog and blogger for 2 Travel Dads.

No hard work is ever wasted, Stephanie. I love your passion and the good work you do in my country, while many people still think that India is underdeveloped and not worth the time. Thank you for your time and effort!

Priyadarshini Rajendran – reader of the blog.

One life will be enough to taste all these wooden peaks! Sharing and pleasure of the senses… What happiness this Basque Country… Thank you again for your articles Stéphanie… Ah you love your Basque identity… San Sebastian will be one of my next destination before it is invaded from all over the world… and elsewhere… if it is indeed the best culinary experience in the world according to Lonely Planet. Now the Basque Country is pointed, stuck ! On the world map as an essential culinary destination.

Charles Ichkanian – reader of the blog.

Hi Stéphanie Langlet It’s really appreciable that your genuine analysis of the word sustainable tourism……. It actually helps to aware others about the unheard and unseen cultures & traditions of of such remote as well as naturally blessed and pristine places with serene environment ….. Your mission is really sacred and Express my deep gratitude & respect to you …. you came as an angel in this sustainable tourism …… I really wish to study a lot from you and allow me to join hands with you in your noble ventures.
Sebastian Kuruvilla, India.

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