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You are a travel agency, a tour operator, an association preparing a trip to the Basque Country or to Asia? Let’s discuss your project!

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    Here are the services of guidance and accompaniment that I propose to you.

    • Independent guide in the Basque Country – 3 steps: Help in the preparation of the tour. Contact with my local contacts for certain services. Guiding and accompanying your group in French or English.
    • Discovery tour of a traditional Basque festival – I will help your clients discover the most traditional festivals of the Basque Country: Corpus Christi, Navarre carnivals, etc. Can be done for a day or over several days as part of a thematic tour.
    • Independent tour guide in Asia – You want to offer your group a different trip off the beaten track in tribal India, Indonesia (Java, Bali, Sulawesi, Selayar) or China (especially the ancient Tibetan provinces)? I will help you prepare the itinerary, put you in touch with my local contacts and supervise your group on site.

    My professional references

    Diplomas and training

    • Baccalauréat A2 (literature and languages).
    • Law degree.
    • Customer relations training by the Accor and SNCF groups.
    • Conflict management training.
    • Training in public speaking.

    Professional experience

    • Accompanist of international sleeper trains during summer for 4 years.
    • Accompanist of a special train trip Troyes-Andorra.
    • Sales manager, trainer and speaker in schools (conferences) for 19 years at the Franch Railway Company: customer relations, management of interrupted connections, international customers…
    • Various organizations of excursions and accompaniment of groups of friends: medieval festival of Olite, speleology in the caves of La Verna, hiking in the mountains…
    • Guiding of group tours in the Basque Country for local holiday villages

    Most significant trips

    • India: 5 trips to India, including one of three months. Recognized in India as an expert on Indian tribal culture.
    • Indonesia: Study of the Toraja culture in Sulawesi.
    • China: Former Tibetan province of Amdo.
    • From 2007 to 2013 : 2 trips of 1 month in Asia per year, in different countries: Burma, Cambodia, Vietnam, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Singapore…
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