Santibate and Libertimendua.


Originally, Garazi / Saint Jean Pied de Port carnival was celebrated in two steps: Santibate, the festival of zirtzils, symbol of winter, then Libertimendua, the festival of jumpers (Bolantes) that announces spring.

The zirtzils, masked and unrecognizable, walk the streets of the city dancing, singing, intoning the old improvisation songs (bertsus) of Santibate and searching for delicatessen.


Participants leave from the Urkulu peña at 7pm. On the way back at midnight, it’s the sausage meal at the peña.


Santibate was celebrated on the 2nd February evening in Saint Jean Pied de Port and Irissarry.


Libertimendua was celebrated on the 3rd in Mendionde, Macaye and Louhossoa.

There are the characters of Fête Dieu/ Corpus Christi, of masquerade and Bolantes.


It was celebrated on February 24th 9:30am in Saint Palais only – not in Saint Jean Pied de Port.


Location: Saint Palais.

Date: February 24th 9:30am.

Type: carnival, traditional dance and singing.

We don’t know yet 2020’s dates.

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Santibate and Libertimendua
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