Holy week in Hondarribia / Fuenterrabía


Holy Week in Hondarribia is a particularly interesting and emotional event thanks to the preservation of ancient rituals.

The two most important moments are Good Friday and Easter Sunday.


On Good Friday – April 10, 2020 – at 5pm, everyone gathered in the parish church to attend Mass and especially the descent of the crucified Christ. The statue, hidden behind a black curtain, is mounted on a 5-metre high crucifix.

The twelve apostles, each carrying the symbol characterizing him, are present throughout the Mass.

At the end, the doors of the church open, allowing 25 Romans to enter, who place themselves around Christ.

Two people climb onto the cross to detach the statue of Christ, which is placed in a crystal box.

Then begins the impressive procession of silence, during which the procession slowly walks the streets of the city.

Some music adds to the solemn, almost heavy atmosphere…


On Resurrection Sunday – April 12, 2020 – the meeting procession or ttopara is held at 10 a.m.

Everyone gathers in the church decorated with many flowers.

The apostles are again present and the Romans guarding the tomb make their entrance.

The priest then announces the resurrection of Christ and the Romans fall to the ground as the bells ring. The centurion tries to revive his companions but faints again. The crowd then sings the resurrection of Christ.

The Romans rise up and meet the Holy Sepulchre, before leaving the church, helmet and throw backwards, still stunned by the announcement of the resurrection.


Location: Fuenterrabia-Hondarribia, Guipuscoa.

Date: 6 to 13 April 2020.

Type: Religious event, procession.


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Holy week in Hondarribia
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