The Souletine masquerade.


The Souletine masquerade takes place every year in a different village of Soule.

A performance takes place every Sunday from January to April.

In 2020, it will the young people of Aussurucq who will play it at home and in the surrounding villages.


The guide to the masquerade in Soule Basque province


The Souletine masquerade is an extremely important moment in Souletine culture.

It combines carnival, dance, music, songs and burlesque theatre.

Through the masquerade, the young people of the village tell the story of the past year in a humorous and teasing way.

In the morning there are what are called barricades. In the afternoon the performance takes place.


The Souletin dances are among the most beautiful and impressive in the Basque Country.

Be careful, however, if you do not speak Basque because the show is not translated.


Place: Soule’s villages.

Date: From the 6th January 2020 to the 21st of April 2020.

Type: a key moment of Souletine culture, a theatre performed/danced/chanted in the open air.


The dates and places in 2019:

  • Ordiap, 6 January.
  • Arrast-Larrebieu, 13 January.
  • Aussurucq, 20 January.
  • Lichans-Sunhar, 27 January.
  • Menditte, 3 February.
  • Esquiule, 10 February.
  • Pagolle, 17 February.
  • Mauléon, 23 February.
  • Barcus, 3 March.
  • Idaux-Mendy, 10 March.
  • Garindein, 17 March.
  • Larrau, 24 March.
  • Alos-Sibas-charrite de Haut, Saturday 30 March.
  • Chéraute, 7 April.
  • Musculdy, 14 April.
  • Ordiap, 21 April.


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