LESAKA San Fermin


Lesaka has San Fermin festivals without the crowd of Pamplona festivals!


They start on July 6 at noon like those in Pamplona, but the most interesting moment culturally is the 7.

This is the only day of the year when ezpatadantzaris dance the Zubigainekoa, the dance on the bridge!

This danced ritual is the symbol of peace signed in the 15th century between the city’s districts.

The Dantzaris must show dexterity and balance by not falling into the Onin River.


Location: Lesaka, Navarre.

Date: from July 5 or 6, 2020 to 10th. But on July 7 for the dances.

Type : patronal feasts, traditional dance.


Always check with the festival organizer for any last-minute changes!

For Lesaka: kultura@lesaka.net


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Here is the full program for Lesaka San Fermin 2019.


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The best place to position yourself is on the middle bridge, near the clothing store.

You can start at the town hall square to see the start of the procession to the church and the raising of the flag.

If you want to see, film and photograph, I advise you to skip the mass and procession with the statue of San Fermin which takes place before the dance.

Do not try to position yourself on the bridge near the arcades. Only journalists are allowed to attend.

After the dance, the flag is waved on the middle bridge. It’s always very impressive, the flags being very heavy.

Then, follow the crowd heading towards the town hall square for more dances.

If you wish, you can join the crowd, who then enjoy local specialities in bars and associations.

The dances and animations resume quite late….




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