Lesaka Carnival.


Lesaka celebrations are concentrated on the Sunday of Carnival.

When the sun rises, the streets of the village are filled with zaku zaharrak (literally old bags), thirty characters dressed in canvas bags filled with dry grass, two between the legs and one on the torso. Their faces are covered with a handkerchief, a straw hat and a pizontzia (“chamber pot” in Basque). These characters march in single file following the music of the village banda accompanied by the “Mairus” (women in broad hats and covered with abundant multicoloured bands) and the “Goitarrak” (mountain farmers).


Place: Lesaka, Navarre.

Date: Sunday before mardi gras. February 23, 2020.

Type: carnival of Navarre.


For your accommodation, I recommend you the flat Gure Idorpea, a beautiful flat for 4 people, in the village.

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