Corpus Christi and Octave.


Although Corpus Christi is also still taking place in Guipúzcoa and Soule, I will only talk here about Corpus Christi in the northern Basque country, in the villages of Basse-Navarre.

Corpus Christi and Octave celebrations on the following Sunday are called in the Basque Country Besta Berri or Pesta Berri (Fête Dieu in French).

The mass is animated by men from the village, dressed in Napoleonic clothes, then a parade takes place.


Place: various villages in the diocese of Hasparren, Basse-Navarre, Soule, Guipuscoa.

Date: June 14, 2020.

Octave: June 21, 2020.

Type: religious festival, procession, dance.

A festival I regularly go to.

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