Bayonne carnival.


Bayonne’s carnival has been celebrated since 1480, despite the church’s ban at the time, which considered it a pagan rite.

After having disappeared for a long time like many traditional festivals in the French Basque Country, it has been celebrated again for about 40 years.


It traditionally starts on the Thursday before the beginning of February school holidays.

The most interesting day is obviously Saturday, San Panzar day.

Traditional dance groups start performing at “Carreau des Halles” at 11am.

San Panzar, accompanied by the bear and wild men, arrives at 3pm for the cavalcade (parade).

At 4:30 pm, when the cavalcade returns, it’s the reading of his trial.

At 5pm, the sentence is carried out: bonfire and dancing of the bear and wild men.

At 6pm there is a big closing show with all the groups.

From 7pm, it’s the peñas’ cavalcade.


Place: Bayonne, Labourd.

Date: from 20 to 22 February 2020.

Type: carnival, outdoor.


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