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The Ethno Traveler’s Philosophy

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People often ask me why it’s so easy for me to fit in the local life during my trips. So I’ve decided to complete my about page with my travel philosophy.

I often hear “I wouldn’t be able to travel as you do” or “I want to travel like you, tell me how I should do”.

Although I think there’s no special recipe, this is my philosophy… to adapt to your personality.


  1. Preferably alone you will travel.
  2. You won’t have any schedule or fixed itinerary.
  3. You will fit in the local life.
  4. You will accept each invitation (but you will follow your instinct).
  5. You will participate in the festivities and ceremonies.
  6. You will respect the local people.
  7. You will smile to people.
  8. You will feel confident.
  9. You will listen to the locals’ advice.
  10. You won’t talk about politic.
  11. You won’t judge.
  12. You will speak positively.
  13. You will respect the religions and local customs.
  14. You won’t act as a voyeur.
  15. You will take the locals’ transportation.
  16. You will prefer walking.
  17. You will be curious.
  18. You will write your observations.


I wish you a lot of beautiful travels close to Humans.


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